Welcome to First Congregational Church

God is not waiting for us to be perfect.  God is waiting for us to listen.  And when we do listen for God he can talk to us through anyone, anywhere, and anything, at anytime.  We are a church made up of people, young and old, who believe the living Spirit of Christ is present in anyone, including you, and is dying to come out in the form of forgiveness, new life, and joy.

We are Akron's youngest-thinking church that also happens to be its oldest.  We were founded in 1833 and today we continue to grow in Christ's love as well as membership.

We worship on Sunday mornings and our true service is acted out the rest of the week.

We look forward to seeing you!  Remember, to God a thousand years is the blink of an eye and the laughter of a child is eternity.  Check us out; you will find a church full of men, women and children who know how to laugh together, and, when necessary, cry together.  And we try to do it all in the name of the living Spirit of Christ.

Our Core Values & Bedrock Beliefs

Bedrock Beliefs

God is Love: We believe that God extends unconditional acceptance, forgiveness, concern and care to all.

Mission: We believe God is the cause and mission is the effect. We receive God’s love and extend that love to others, in word and deed, within and beyond the congregation.

Spiritual Growth: We believe that faith is not static but dynamic. We seek, through prayer, study, worship, service and life experience to deepen and broaden our individual and collective understandings of, and reliance upon, God.

Worship: We believe that through worship, whether in personal devotional time or within the gathered community, we connect with God. The acts of worship bring us comfort, challenge and courage to discover, nurture and live out our individual and corporate spirituality.

Core Values

Acceptance: First Church seeks to be a safe place where all are welcomed regardless of human or social distinction. Having been accepted as we are, we are open to others.

Spirituality: First Church seeks greater understanding and connection, individually and collectively, with God and with one another.

Community: First Church seeks to unite individuals and families into a network of fellowship and compassion within he congregation and beyond. We view Family as a form of Community and Fellowship as an expression of Community.

Approved by the Governing Board, October 27, 2014

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