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Rev. Nanette Pitt Called as First Congregational Church’s 20th Senior Minister

With a resounding 99 percent vote, members of First Congregational called Rev. Nanette Pitt to be their 20th senior pastor. The 183-year-old church had been searching since July 2013, when former senior minister Rev. Dr. Jay M. Groat, resigned to take a post in Westerville, Ohio.

Rev. Pitt comes to Akron with a master’s degree in Divinity degree from Andover-Newton Theological School, where she focused on pastoral care. Her undergraduate degree in sociology is from Simmons College in Boston. She has served churches in Boston, Wellesley and most recently in West Hartford, Conn., where she is Acting Associate Minister. She and her husband, Rev. Steven Savides, will be moving to Akron from Avon, Conn. Rev. Savides is currently senior minister at First Church of Christ, Congregational, 1652 in Farmington, CT.

Rev. Pitt comes to First Church with a variety of skills, both theological and theatrical. Indeed, she says her calling falls at the intersection of theology, theater and therapy, all derived from the Greek root theos, meaning God. She has acted in, directed and produced award-winning plays in the Boston area. She loves working on the web, creating art in many forms, the great outdoors and gardening.

Rev. Pitt will be First Church’s first female senior minister.

Welcome to First Congregational Church

God is not waiting for us to be perfect.  God is waiting for us to listen.  And when we do listen for God he can talk to us through anyone, anywhere, and anything, at anytime.  We are a church made up of people, young and old, who believe the living Spirit of Christ is present in anyone, including you, and is dying to come out in the form of forgiveness, new life, and joy.

We are Akron's youngest-thinking church that also happens to be its oldest.  We were founded in 1833 and today we continue to grow in Christ's love as well as membership.

We worship on Sunday mornings and our true service is acted out the rest of the week.

We look forward to seeing you!  Remember, to God a thousand years is the blink of an eye and the laughter of a child is eternity.  Check us out; you will find a church full of men, women and children who know how to laugh together, and, when necessary, cry together.  And we try to do it all in the name of the living Spirit of Christ.

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